The Tides of Twilight

The Final Battle, Part II

While we fight Shar’s minions, Selune battles and finally defeats Shar. As this occurs, a rift in space forms around her and through the rift we see a golden city on a mountainside as Shar gets pulled into it. The moon is still on a collision course for the earth. Selune declares she must relinquish the body she inhabits and let the moon break apart. She fades away and in her place we see the unconscious form of Selene!

The Aspect of Sacrifice and the other aspects are gone. The shaking in the earth has grown more pronounced. The moon is breaking apart beneath our feet. We run towards the matter transference device and as we flee a huge crack appears in the ground behind us. Creatures crawl out as we attempt to reach Orgil and the matter transference device. Suddenly, a chasm breaks open under him and he and the device go tumbling in, Orgil crying “For Science!” as he falls. A flash of light blazes from the chasm – Orgil has triggered the device and fled to safety. We are alone on a disintegrating moon with the twilight creatures in pursuit.

When all seems lost, Azindherei reappears! At his urging we leap onto his back and he takes off as the ground beneath our feet crumbles away. A voice booms from within the collapsing moon, proclaiming “I will not go quietly! If I must return to this accursed prison, I will take you with me!” A rip appears in the sky behind us as Shar, in monstrous draconic form, comes flying out of it directly at us.

We soar off a disintegrating moon on the back of a dracolich, towards the endangered earth as the draconic form of the goddess of death pursues us….

The Final Battle, Part 1

Selune and Shar, the Goddess of Darkness and Death, are on the moon together. Shavia realizes that they are sisters!

We head south and hear a cry…we see a skeletal dragon…Azindherei, bound against his will, has been resurrected by necromantic magic and has taken flight.

A blast of magic from Shar blazes a trail behind us as many small creatures come out of its wake. We kill them as repeated hordes of them emerge and attack us. Azindherei flies over head, laying down deathly trails…

We slaughter all the twilight creatures and head down into the pit. Selune thanks us for coming to her aid against her twin sister. Shar cries out that she will not go back to her eternal prison of Twilight. The world will burn and she and the other gods will finally be free. Selune replies that it is the dawn of the Age of Mortals, and they must make the decision, not Shar.

Selune asks us to keep Shar’s minions busy while she deals with Shar.

Azindherei returns and begs us to kill him, saying “Free me from this torment!” We attempt to comply, attacking him repeatedly. He explains that Shar’s magic literally causes him to breathe…he has no free will but is an automaton carrying out her will.

Shavia is about to deal a killing blow when Shar intervenes and fends it off. Azindherei takes off into the sky at her command.

The Aspects of Hope appears to help us in our battle, followed by the Aspect of Cunning, the Dragon God Bahamut, and the Aspect of Justice!

The Death of Kehl Thuzel

KT turns to us as we approach him after he has completed the ritual with Selene. She is gone, and an impenetrable magic barrier surrounds him. The power of the Song of Twilight is filling his mind with thoughts of darkness and decay as he casts the twilight parasite on us.

As we scatter, to kill the parasite, a rent filled with dark twilight opens and Shavia vanishes!

She finds herself in a chamber with a shade standing over KT. He is in a delusional state in which he believes he is still trapped inside the Lopp pit. Shavia approaches and is able to partially release him. Twilight’s hold on Thuzel seems to be weakening.

Shavia reappears in our world. The shield protecting KT is gone and he can now be attacked.

We proceed to battle and kill KT. The image of the Lich melts away and we see the worn down form of Sir Thuzel. From the ashes of the Lich’s form something rises out of the crumbling remains – a large, beautiful black haired woman with great power emanating from her and blood dripping from her mouth. Her name is Shar.

“I would have preferred that your demise occurred here…but this works just as well…You should have paid more attention to the rat,” she purrs. “A God’s power does not disappear. Here, in the Crucible of the Gods, a sacrifice will at last end my exile.”

Shar pulls Sir Thuzel’s energy from him and he dies. Shar pronounces: “I am reborn!” and disappears.

The shaking of the ground has increased since we first descended into the pit. We hear a faint cry from outside and Orgil calls down that he has fixed the transference matter machine. We make our way up out of the chasm, climbing a rope. From this cavern we can see the hole in the mountain. Looking up, we can only see the moon – all observable space is filled by it. Its color has changed – it appears as if there is greenery and water up there.

Orgil says that the Moon Goddess are probably on the moon and that the transport device could get us there. Quimper senses something far away… Selene, if she still lives will be there too.

After much debate, Orgil agrees to attempt to teleport everyone to the moon, unsure if it would work. “FOR SCIENCE!” he declares, as he pulls the lever…

A Fight Against Time

Thanks to the Matter Transport Device, we have been carried into the mountain, on the trail of KT and Selene. Inside the mountain we find ourselves in a large cavern. A huge hole has been blasted in the side of the mountain, revealing the terrifying sight of a moon grown huge and swollen as it approaches ever closer to our world. We can feel rumblings deep in the earth.

Quimper senses that KT is close. We know that he plans to sacrifice Selene to keep the moon goodess alive and the moon intact long enough for it to hit the earth and destroy it.

Orgil tries to repair the matter transference device as it took massive damage when we escaped from the previous cavern.

We see a large chasm in front of us. Inside are countless gold pieces and jewel encrusted items. As Shavia approaches the gold a dark shadow forms in front of her. A rent in the air forms, twilight and darkness come pouring out, and Azindherei appears!

He reveals that he is the Last Dragon. The Twilight has come and the Rebirth is at hand. The Moon Goddess will be reborn just in time to see her world ground into dust. The only way forward is to slay him, but delay is all that is required. And Azindherei is the one who will delay us from reaching KT and stopping this catastrophe.

We attack Azindherei and after intense battle, slay him. During the battle the moon grows even larger, encompassing the entire view we can see outside the mountain.

Quimper senses that KT is below us, inside the chasm. We find some rope and climb down the pit.

We find the spirit of Thuzel who seems confused and is talking about things in the past as if they were currently happening. He talks about a whispering inside his head which he cannot shut out.

Entering through a door we see Selene strapped down to a table and. KT performing a ritual. As he completes it, Selene vanishes into darkness.

KT pronounces that this is the end. The Moon Goddess has begun her awakening, and Selene’s life energy has fueled her rebirth!

In the Underground Chambers

Szindaer can sense that Kehl’Thuzel has passed through the chamber in which we fought our most recent battle with the zombies. Then, as Shavia passes a spool of molten rock, it starts to swell upwards. Magimdar, the Ancient Volcanic Dragon, appears! We destroy him and his elementals, but not before he announces there is only one dragon left in the land. We continue to search the dungeon for signs of Selene, only to run into Mondo Zax again. He reveals that the energy of two Gods now resides within all Chua, granting him both his intelligence and his tendency towards destruction. He confounds Orgil with the law of the conservation of energy and with Shavia’s guidance, Orgil struggles with the realization that his thoughts and actions are insane and comes to see that he had made faulty conclusions from faulty premises, that destruction is not, in fact, scientific! We explore the underground chambers continuing to look for Selene.

We find and destroy Mondo Zax, co-opt his matter transference device, and use it to find Kehl’Thuzel. The device is damaged when Kehl’Thuzel springs a trap, and Orgil stays behind to repair it.

The Battle of the Crucible

Before we proceed further, we discuss Shavia’s question of whether we want to try to return the moon to its original orbit, or if we will need to destroy it to save the world. Tabling this issue we enter the crucible, where we encounter Mondo Zax in holographic form once again, as well as many twilight zombies. Fighting them, we realize that they are emerging from the cryptic runes in the chamber, so we begin targeting them as well. We successfully defeat the zombies and shatter all of the runes. While searching the chambers after the battle, we discover one chamber filled with mushrooms that give off spores. Orgil Grub smells them and falls unconscious, wakes and feels better. We too fall unconscious after smelling them and wake with our energy and powers restored!

The Crucible of the Gods

We finish off the twilight creatures, to the eternal gratitude of Sven Rumplesmick, who tells us that he saw Selene taken into the Crucible. Ordinarily, only holy priests are allowed to enter the Crucible, but Sven, whose friends were slaughtered by Kehl’Thuzel, says he can help us get inside to find her. He outlines a ritual purification that is required before entering, but it is time consuming and Quimper adamantly insists on storming the Crucible right away. We somewhat reluctantly support him in this, though Sven is appalled at our decision.

On entering we find a dead body and a severely injured gnome, by the name of Tiddly Fiddlelight, who is healed by Shavia. The dead creature next to her was her friend. Tiddly Fiddlelight tells us that she saw “the Eladrin lady” dragged through the Crucible against her will, and that she fears what is planned for her. She explains that according to the legends passed down by the priests and priestesses, all of the Gods were originally birthed here, in the Crucible of the Gods. She states that the Gods are gone now, but there is still power in this place, which perhaps can be used to awaken the Gods. Tiddly fears that is why Kehl’Thuzel, the Lich, has come here, bringing an unwilling participant as a sacrifice.

Shavia refers to Selene as the Moon Goddess, and Tiddly reveals that as the moon comes closer to our planet it will begin to break up into dust from the cosmic forces around the world. If the Moon Goddess is awakened before then, the moon will keep its form and the resulting collision will destroy everything. The Lich plans to use Selene for their plan of total destruction of the world!

Orgil Grub insanely and gleefullly proclaims that this will be the grandest of experiments, to go out with a boom – every Chua’s dream!

Danger on the Airship!

During our five days of flying in the airship, accompanied by Jenanine, the High Druid’s wife, the moon steadily grows larger and brighter, the weather outside the stable cone more frenetic. The tides are wild and erratic as we fly over the coastline. It is on the fourth day that we see the dragon Azinderai flying by our side.

As we approach the Minoir Mountains we hear a buzzing sound that steadily grows louder and higher in pitch. Soon we are able to make out small specks on the horizon, which resolve into the form of flying humanoids. Approaching closer, we see that they are Chua, shooting death rays in our direction. The Orcs on top of the airship attempt to dodge the beams, which are damaging the ship, and Szindaer attempts to fight them off with magical spells, but a number of them manage to land and board.

We battle a steady influx of invading Chua, until those remaining give up and flee, with the exception of one Chua scientist. Quimper grills him as to the location of Kel Thuzel and Selene.

We hear a screech from the sky and see Azindherai flying by once again. He shoots acid breath at us, which starts eating away at the planks of the ship. Szindaer again attempts to use magic to ward him off, creating storms, lightning and tornadoes, but eventually Azindherai is able to reach us and latch on to the ship! We fight him off, and the rest of the trip is uneventful.

As we approach the Minoir Mountains, the Chua we took prisoner (whose name is Orgil Grub) leads us to a volcano where gnomes are fighting twilight creatures. Quimper insists we ignore the fight and hurry to save Selene. There is a shrine built into the side of the mountain where Kehl’Thuzel supposedly entered. Inside, we find the gnome Sven Rumplesmick and his allies fighting more of the twilight creatures.

Onward to the Minoir Mountains!
The moon, the weather, and the reappearance of a dragon...

We battle the Dark Essences released from Yvior and Szindaer’s staves, with an enraged Tor striking the killing blow to both. Yvior disappears during the fighting, and at the end of the battle, Szindaer’s power to control the weather is suddenly restored. The teleportation circle is still active and we leap through it. We find ourselves back in the tower from which we had embarked. Exiting the castle, we hear hail pounding the roof, while the sun is shining brightly through the windows. Outside, we hear thunderclouds and see rain pouring down in torrents. But as soon as Szindaer walks outside, the clouds and rain disappear and the weather takes on a semblance of normalcy. When we look up into the sky we see that the moon has doubled in size and has turned a brilliant red!

The stones in the courtyard raise up in the form of a golem. Druuk communicates thru the golem to Tor and asks us to return to the airship where we battled the Blood Knight. When we arrive the weather once again clears up – it appears that everywhere Szindaer goes, the weather stabilizes.

We make the decision to go to the Minoir Mountains, as Quimper’s only desire is to find Kel Thuzel and thus Selene.

Inside the airship, we find a new captain, a Lopp, at the steering wheel. The trip to the Minoir Mountains takes a week, during which we notice a dragon flying off to the side on the same trajectory as our airship. It is Azindherei, the dragon we faced in the Adran forest, though he looks different than we remembered him. His black skin has grown even darker and is shimmering in a way that reminds us of the twilight creatures we recently fought. Large veins pulse up and down his body with a purple light. He spies on us for awhile, then flies ahead in the direction of the mountains. Szindaer throws him briefly off course with a gust of wind, but Azindherei recovers and resumes his original course….

The Ritual

As we battle the enemies surrounding us, Yvior performs the ritual for the destruction of the staves. When it is complete, he warns us that when the staves are broken, “the dark essence will come pouring out.” He and Szindaer simultaneously complete the ritual by breaking their individual staves over their knees, at which point a dark mist pours out of them, clouding everything from view. We hear a deep, menacing laugh and see the Dark Essences corrupting everything around us…

We hear Yvior speak from outside the darkness: “I take my leave now. I have done what you asked. You have no more need to seek me out.”


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