The Tides of Twilight

Act IV: The Lunar Requiem

The world has gone mad. The tides no longer follow a set rhythm, lakes freeze over in the middle of summer, and constant earthquakes threaten to topple the greatest cities. There is no more day or night, only twilight. Through it all are the constant backlashes of energy emanating from the Minoir Mountains to the north.

The insane Mondo Zax surely has a hand in this, and he will sacrifice even the world and his own life for his crazed ambitions. Kehl’Thuzel has been warped beyond recognition by the Tides of Twilight, and his magic continues to corrupt the world around him. And Azindherei, the Last Dragon, falls under the sway of the Tides of Twilight, as one more vital piece of magic is snuffed out from the world of men.

Szindaer was born with a great power, one that will be critical to ending the crisis, but he has not been able to use this power for a very long time. According to Shavia’s vision, the secret lies with Yvior, the magic-user of a magic-less race. Where does his magic come from, and how was he able to leech power from Szindaer during their confrontation? The heroes must find him, and he very much does not wish to be found.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance, but for the Tiefling Quimper, the scale is far more personal. While the world burns to ash around him, Quimper will sacrifice anything and everything to bring Selene back safely. Why is she important to Kehl’Thuzel’s plans? Is Shavia correct that there is a relation between Selene and the Moon Goddess from her visions? Shavia can only trust in her vision that the world’s last hope lies in Quimper and Selene. For the heroes, their goal is clear: Save the Eladrin, Save the World.

The Tides of Twilight

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