The Tides of Twilight

The Interrupted Feast ...

Our brave adventurers finish off the Hydra and discover many wondrous, powerful magic items!

They make their way back through the tunnel to the castle, use their skills to make it appear as though the prisoners had been freed from the outside, and return to their quarters.

A good night’s sleep is enjoyed by all except Quimper, who has a disturbing dream in which Kehl’Thuzel , who holds Selene prisoner, is finding scientific solutions with Mondo Zax for repairing the moon device.

The night of the Feast finally arrives. An incredibly bountiful meal is provided, and the Blood Knight begins to honor his son Tor. Suddenly, an arrow whizzes through the room and almost strikes Tor! The Blood Knight catches and crushes the arrow, and sees that his son Krusk was the attacker. The Blood Knight yells and gives chase, but before he can catch Krusk, a guard rushes into the room shouting, “Ogres in the castle!!”

Pandemonium breaks out as the giant doors at the front of the hall burst from their frame and 8 enormous ogres come charging in.

Fierce battling ensues. Tor demonstrates remarkable bravery, but, lacking sufficient armor, falls yet again. Again Shavia heals him. (When, oh when, will Tor armor himself as befits his station?!?)

Several of the ogres are slain, and Szindaer creates a twilight zone that offers partial concealment to his comrades. Will this be enough to enable the adventurers to prevail against their fearsome foe?



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