The Tides of Twilight

A Fight Against Time

Thanks to the Matter Transport Device, we have been carried into the mountain, on the trail of KT and Selene. Inside the mountain we find ourselves in a large cavern. A huge hole has been blasted in the side of the mountain, revealing the terrifying sight of a moon grown huge and swollen as it approaches ever closer to our world. We can feel rumblings deep in the earth.

Quimper senses that KT is close. We know that he plans to sacrifice Selene to keep the moon goodess alive and the moon intact long enough for it to hit the earth and destroy it.

Orgil tries to repair the matter transference device as it took massive damage when we escaped from the previous cavern.

We see a large chasm in front of us. Inside are countless gold pieces and jewel encrusted items. As Shavia approaches the gold a dark shadow forms in front of her. A rent in the air forms, twilight and darkness come pouring out, and Azindherei appears!

He reveals that he is the Last Dragon. The Twilight has come and the Rebirth is at hand. The Moon Goddess will be reborn just in time to see her world ground into dust. The only way forward is to slay him, but delay is all that is required. And Azindherei is the one who will delay us from reaching KT and stopping this catastrophe.

We attack Azindherei and after intense battle, slay him. During the battle the moon grows even larger, encompassing the entire view we can see outside the mountain.

Quimper senses that KT is below us, inside the chasm. We find some rope and climb down the pit.

We find the spirit of Thuzel who seems confused and is talking about things in the past as if they were currently happening. He talks about a whispering inside his head which he cannot shut out.

Entering through a door we see Selene strapped down to a table and. KT performing a ritual. As he completes it, Selene vanishes into darkness.

KT pronounces that this is the end. The Moon Goddess has begun her awakening, and Selene’s life energy has fueled her rebirth!



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