The Tides of Twilight

The Death of Kehl Thuzel

KT turns to us as we approach him after he has completed the ritual with Selene. She is gone, and an impenetrable magic barrier surrounds him. The power of the Song of Twilight is filling his mind with thoughts of darkness and decay as he casts the twilight parasite on us.

As we scatter, to kill the parasite, a rent filled with dark twilight opens and Shavia vanishes!

She finds herself in a chamber with a shade standing over KT. He is in a delusional state in which he believes he is still trapped inside the Lopp pit. Shavia approaches and is able to partially release him. Twilight’s hold on Thuzel seems to be weakening.

Shavia reappears in our world. The shield protecting KT is gone and he can now be attacked.

We proceed to battle and kill KT. The image of the Lich melts away and we see the worn down form of Sir Thuzel. From the ashes of the Lich’s form something rises out of the crumbling remains – a large, beautiful black haired woman with great power emanating from her and blood dripping from her mouth. Her name is Shar.

“I would have preferred that your demise occurred here…but this works just as well…You should have paid more attention to the rat,” she purrs. “A God’s power does not disappear. Here, in the Crucible of the Gods, a sacrifice will at last end my exile.”

Shar pulls Sir Thuzel’s energy from him and he dies. Shar pronounces: “I am reborn!” and disappears.

The shaking of the ground has increased since we first descended into the pit. We hear a faint cry from outside and Orgil calls down that he has fixed the transference matter machine. We make our way up out of the chasm, climbing a rope. From this cavern we can see the hole in the mountain. Looking up, we can only see the moon – all observable space is filled by it. Its color has changed – it appears as if there is greenery and water up there.

Orgil says that the Moon Goddess are probably on the moon and that the transport device could get us there. Quimper senses something far away… Selene, if she still lives will be there too.

After much debate, Orgil agrees to attempt to teleport everyone to the moon, unsure if it would work. “FOR SCIENCE!” he declares, as he pulls the lever…



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