The Tides of Twilight

The Final Battle, Part 1

Selune and Shar, the Goddess of Darkness and Death, are on the moon together. Shavia realizes that they are sisters!

We head south and hear a cry…we see a skeletal dragon…Azindherei, bound against his will, has been resurrected by necromantic magic and has taken flight.

A blast of magic from Shar blazes a trail behind us as many small creatures come out of its wake. We kill them as repeated hordes of them emerge and attack us. Azindherei flies over head, laying down deathly trails…

We slaughter all the twilight creatures and head down into the pit. Selune thanks us for coming to her aid against her twin sister. Shar cries out that she will not go back to her eternal prison of Twilight. The world will burn and she and the other gods will finally be free. Selune replies that it is the dawn of the Age of Mortals, and they must make the decision, not Shar.

Selune asks us to keep Shar’s minions busy while she deals with Shar.

Azindherei returns and begs us to kill him, saying “Free me from this torment!” We attempt to comply, attacking him repeatedly. He explains that Shar’s magic literally causes him to breathe…he has no free will but is an automaton carrying out her will.

Shavia is about to deal a killing blow when Shar intervenes and fends it off. Azindherei takes off into the sky at her command.

The Aspects of Hope appears to help us in our battle, followed by the Aspect of Cunning, the Dragon God Bahamut, and the Aspect of Justice!



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