The Tides of Twilight

The Final Battle, Part II

While we fight Shar’s minions, Selune battles and finally defeats Shar. As this occurs, a rift in space forms around her and through the rift we see a golden city on a mountainside as Shar gets pulled into it. The moon is still on a collision course for the earth. Selune declares she must relinquish the body she inhabits and let the moon break apart. She fades away and in her place we see the unconscious form of Selene!

The Aspect of Sacrifice and the other aspects are gone. The shaking in the earth has grown more pronounced. The moon is breaking apart beneath our feet. We run towards the matter transference device and as we flee a huge crack appears in the ground behind us. Creatures crawl out as we attempt to reach Orgil and the matter transference device. Suddenly, a chasm breaks open under him and he and the device go tumbling in, Orgil crying “For Science!” as he falls. A flash of light blazes from the chasm – Orgil has triggered the device and fled to safety. We are alone on a disintegrating moon with the twilight creatures in pursuit.

When all seems lost, Azindherei reappears! At his urging we leap onto his back and he takes off as the ground beneath our feet crumbles away. A voice booms from within the collapsing moon, proclaiming “I will not go quietly! If I must return to this accursed prison, I will take you with me!” A rip appears in the sky behind us as Shar, in monstrous draconic form, comes flying out of it directly at us.

We soar off a disintegrating moon on the back of a dracolich, towards the endangered earth as the draconic form of the goddess of death pursues us….



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